11 Plus


What’s In The 11+ Test?

1. Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning includes reading comprehension, cloze passages and vocabulary sections. Reading comprehension tests a child’s ability to make inferences, understand vocabulary and extract accurate interpretations of the text. Cloze tests are passages which contain missing words.
They also assess an overall understanding of the passage, but require closer attention to the grammatical and syntactic elements of written language than in the comprehension test.
The verbal reasoning vocabulary section involves the manipulation of verbal representations and the solving of verbally presented problems. A rich vocabulary is essential as well as an understanding of synonyms and antonyms.

2.Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning includes longer maths, shorter maths and data processing sections. These sections will assess your child’s ability in mental arithmetic as well as problem solving within a multi part question format.

3. Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning assesses intelligence through the manipulation of shapes using rotation, reflection, symmetry, shape, positions number, size, and shading. It is meant to eliminate cultural bias in testing and possible bias against any child who may have difficulty with verbal elements.
Currently the following regions have adopted the CEM 11 Plus Exams.
• Bexley
• Birmingham
• Buckinghamshire
• Gloucestershire
• Redbridge, Essex
• Shropshire
• South West Herts Consortium – CEM Verbal Reasoning
• Slough, Berkshire
• Warwickshire
• Walsall
• Wolverhampton,

11+ Plus Information

Information about the grammar schools in Birmingham can be found here:
The Grammar Schools in Birmingham is made up of the following eight schools:
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Boys https://bvgs.co.uk/
King Edward VI Aston School https://www.keaston.bham.sch.uk/
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys http://www.camphillboys.bham.sch.uk/
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls http://kechg.org.uk/
King Edward VI Five Ways School https://www.kefw.org/
King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls https://kingedwardvi.bham.sch.uk/
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys https://www.handsworth.bham.sch.uk/
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls https://www.suttcold.bham.sch.uk/
Information about The Consortium of Grammar Schools of Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton can be found here:
The grammar schools include:
.Haberdashers’ Adams School https://www.adamsgs.uk/
.Newport Girls’ High School https://www.nghs.org.uk/
.Queen Mary’s Grammar School https://qmgs.walsall.sch.uk/
.Queen Mary’s High School https://qmhs.org.uk/
.Wolverhampton Girls’ High School https://www.wghs.org.uk/