How to Teach Boys to Respect Women


How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

As a mother, it is your responsibility to teach your son right from wrong. This includes making sure he understands what it means to be respectful toward others, especially women. Teach him that no means no and what the appropriate way to treat a woman is.

Show the Right Way to Treat Women

Remember that your son is going to watch how you are, how you interact with your husband or boyfriend, and how others treat you. Be a good role model for him by showing him how you like being treated. This is not only important for the men in his life to show how much they respect they show toward women, but also with how you are treated. If you have a man in your life that is talking down to you or being disrespectful, and you do nothing to stop it, your son will think this is okay. Always be someone your son looks up to and can learn from.

Teach Your Son How to Listen

Boys may not be born with the best listening skills, so sometimes you need to teach your son how important it is. As he gets a little bit older, he may start talking to girls more and going on dates. Teach him from a young age that listening to others is a really good quality to have. When you have conversations, and he keeps interrupting you, this is the perfect time to teach him about how that is disrespectful and that he should stop and listen to you before he speaks.

Make Sure He Knows What Consent is

Part of respecting women occurs when it comes to being physical. As your son gets older and reaches his teen years, make sure he knows what consent means. This is extremely important for you to teach your son, as he might not learn this at school or from his friends. He needs to know that no means no, but also that just because a girl doesn’t say no, does not mean she has consented to the physical activity. This should always be included in your sex talk when he is old enough to have the conversation.

Keep Talking About Boundaries

Also explain boundaries to your son so he knows what is and isn’t appropriate with girls. This can apply to boys of all ages, even school-aged children and how he acts around little girls at school. If he is being mean or bullying girls, put a stop to it immediately.

How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

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