Importance Of Routine When Teaching Kids at Home


Importance Of Routine When Teaching Kids at Home

Searching for solutions to help you stay on track with your make-shift home school itinerary during the Coronavirus pandemic? One very simple but effective method for keeping kids focused on learning is to establish and stick to a daily routine.

Not sure what your child(ren)’s daily home schooling schedule should be? Head on over to Google and type in “home school routine” under the Images search to see if any simple diagrams come up. Although you may not want to follow someone else’s school routine to the tee, it will help you remember which activities to include and in what order. Click through to the various examples for creative ideas on how to design their day.

A typical and expected school day will allot for both academic pursuits and special classes to help round out your children’s talents while letting them explore interests and develop skills. And you should also remember that a traditional school offers repeating daily subjects, including math, spelling, reading, science, social studies. But your kids also attend specials which cycle through on specific days. So Monday could be at-home art class at say, 1pm following lunch. Tuesday could be Technology. Wednesdays and Fridays might be phys ed, and so on.

What should your child’s daily routine look like when attending virtual school from the comfort of home? Luckily, you do have a bit more flexibility and freedom. So you can factor in and modify certain details as long as the work is still getting done. For example, maybe your kids really tend to be late risers. As long as they make the morning meeting and check-in with the teacher, you might at least let them have a more relaxed start to their day.

Just know though, that if your morning takes off at a slower pace than during the rest of the year when school is in session, your kids could be looking at an afternoon filled with studies and school work. After all, they will be expected to complete their assignments on time and to the usual level of quality and attention to detail. So even if you’re tempted to procrastinate the mornings, this might come back to bite you.

Your children’s’ ages will likely factor in to their daily schedule. If you have older kids and littles all learning under one roof, you might divide the day up to have lower grade students on their own itinerary. This could even involve having the bigger kids helping to manage the younger ones. To help move the home-school routine along, older kids might make lunch, do some light housework, read to little ones, and otherwise utilize their skills to help make it a fun, educational and productive day for all.

Don’t forget recess. Free play and time outdoors will definitely become an essential part of your at-home virtual learning experience for your school-aged kids. You might be tempted to have your children slog through their day’s work and be done with all subjects by the early afternoon. But don’t forget that strategically placed breaks make for increased concentration and information retention at the times when kids are learning and doing work. So space out your child’s day accordingly.

Importance Of Routine When Teaching Kids at Home
Importance Of Routine When Teaching Kids at Home

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